Young, Dumb and Full of…Corona

Wow I think the IQ of my fellow countrymen continues to drop. Or it could just be this current Generation Z that are f*cked. I mean this takes self-flagellation to a new level. If its not extreme narcissism that our Western Societies are facing then its this.

Nope believe it or not I’m not talking about the Mexican beer called Corona here. When I heard this story I was imaginging the typical Brit sticking his finger up to heavy handed authority and drinking himself silly with others with a Corona.Beer private party….. NOPE

Humour and rebellion has died in Gen z

Thats something I would do and others when we were his age (aged 19 or so)

Welcome to Generation Z….. Looks like you DEAD. Literally.

Seriously though, this is just another sign that men in the West have been absolutely neutered. The fight has gone from most men in the West. If you are perceptive enough you can see it in the way men, young men in particular walk down the street, the effeminate mannerisms and speech.

So for rounding out the month of October lets sink our teeth into this horror show…….

So again the mainstream media are doing a great service to the public. Wow journalism died years ago too.

Some people are just born to be suckers. Problem is though they drag the rest of us into dystopian nightmares.


Signing out.

Covid Free and no Vaccine required.

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