You Have Taken The Red Pill: So Whats Next?

You have already taken the hardest step in your journey as a Red-Pill aware man. For me the next stages I had to figure out myself and it took some time. Let me save you the time and from my experience. I have been Red-pilled and even dabled in MGTOW for a few years now. As I mentioned in several of my youtube videos I began my Red-pill awarness journey in 2014 by travelling overseas. This led me over the next few years into seeing the world through a new lense, a red-pill aware world laid bare before me.

Its natural to feel lost and angry, confused and even hurt. It is a kind of betrayal and it takes time to digest and comprehend. My personal philosphy is one of ACTION. I am all for studying the world, diving into the “manosphere”, and watching Red-pill content creators. But ultimatley you can only passively take in all this new information. The next step is taking action. I think its best I tell you guys what worked for me. I started to travel. Now I know this advice seems out of place and bad-timed to say the least due to the Mexican beer bug, but hear me out….

I dont believe we will be locked down forever and they will soon have to open up the borders. Now, whether you want to take the jab and all that is on you. Personally I would do everything to avoid it. Not just because of the health risks but also on the morality it. I dont like being coerced into anything. Especially not by decadent so called “Elites“.

I’m sure they are doing their part in combating not only the “virus” but also Climate change by reducing their carbon footprints. You can tell these people have not only a great sense of humor, but a strong streak of irony. World Elite using private jets to travel to Davos to discuss the Climate crisis and reduce carbon footprint worldwide.

Do you know the actual carbon footprint of an average Private Jet? Hahaha You cant make this sh*t up! So I hope it wakes up more blue-pill people. Its just another relevalation of the Red-Pill my brothers.

But unfortunatley for us peasants our airports are currently closed. No travel outside our countries borders. Airports are a gateway that our so called rulers have in place to enforce any authoritarian edicts they can conjur up on a whim.


As a freedom lover not “free-doom lover” theres only so much decadence I can take.

So I can assume if you are reading this then you not only have taken the Red-pill or are at the very least purple pilled. You know theres serious problems in our Western Countries. The cracks are showing in our societies and theres discontent. Now I dont advise you to get involved in what no doubt is coming. I believe the next few years ahead will very, very rocky for the Western world to say the least. As a humble amatuer historian I am quite familiar with French history, especially the 18th Century kind. The French in particular during that period had an unstable and vastly unequal stratified society.

These guys living during this time in history were forced into getting involved in the chaos and bloodshed which ultimately ended that particular Elite.

What do I suggest for us men in the 21st Century? Get your PASSPORT! Not only do I want you fellow free-thinking men to thrive but also survive. Hard times are comming! Look around at the people in your society. Can you not smell the decadence and degenerate ways things have become even in the past 20 years?

Its not going to end well but, if we have taken the Red pill and are taking action to avoid being swept up into any crazy mass movements then we will be ok.


Now once you have the basics in place you will also need an income source. An online business will be the best as its hard to be interfered with by the increasingly intrusive social media campaigns (specifically twitter) and being exposed by radicals that “dox” people that speak out or are brave enough to have a different opinion.

So you can look into online businesses such as websites like the one you are reading, affiliate marketing and more.

Also having a stake in the stock market and crypto wouldn’t hurt either.

After that guys you have a good foundation. The next step will depend on what country you decide to travel to Long-term or short-term to “size it up” will it be for you? Thats going to be the biggest challenge. Learning the local language and navigating customs will be next. It was a big change for me because of the decadence I was accustomed to in London. The rudeness and low-key nastiness of everyday life living in London (a city of strangers) was a big thing to have to adapt from. You see when you live in “normal” and tradtional cultures it will take time to detox from the way we have been living.


Many other Youtubers and men in the manosphere have recommended the same things which is good we are all on the same page. Smart men do think alike.

Also drop any bad habits. I mean it guys! Things which cost the most money. Thats right, women. Maybe you noticed over the past 12 months that you had more money in your pocket….

Thats because dating and then bedroom fun was almost impossble if you were a single guy. Think of it this way guys, why start relationsips with women if you arent going to be here for long? As for short term fun, sure be my guest but if going to drain a lot of your resources. You will need every penny.

Now I don’t recommend going Monk Mode for everyone, its a short sharp shock; but it will do the trick for you.

Before you know it you will have money in the bank available to spend and build more.


So when is the best time to start? NOW! Time waits for no man and our time is running out in the West. Things will not get better. As each year passes people like yourselves that are aware and rational will become too obvious and “stick out like sore thumbs” as they say. Don’t wait for that to happen brothers. Leave the docile and meek to their fates. They have earned everthing they will recieve in the near future.

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