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Women’s role in social media

womens role in social media

So it was meant to empower a whole generation of women. What has social media in reality done for women?

Is it only the deluded feminists can think its been a positive thing for women?


  • Women on a Pedestal
  • Deluded women who are average 5/10 at best thinking they are Supermodel 10/10
  • Attention by any means necesaary
  • Public displays of disgusting Narcissism we could not have even imagined 10 years ago…

women in social media


But don’t just take my word for it. A fellow female You Tuber has hit the nail on the head. She is honest about the whole REAL DEAL with what women are truly like.





I told you guys I would be back on the Social commentary train and I truly am running a train on the Radical Feminists.



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