Why have Men In The West Become Demoralised?

If you have eyes to see it then you can see it everywhere. You know, before I got into the whole Manosphere I used to watch the mainstream media on tv a lot. I think it must have been hours every day. Like many of you guys I used to get back from work and just sit in front of the tv and veg out. I used to watch all the crap out there, soaps, trendy docudramas, even female centered shows. But there was something that didn’t feel right…. Something was gnawing away at me. This isn’t how it should be. I listened to the voice and started to take notice.

The programs I was watching started to change for me. I saw them in a different light. Things were not the same anymore. I’m mature enough in years to remember the 1990s and all the “programs” that were being broadcast at the time. I thought nothing of it naturally it was all “normal” for me being the naïve teen as I was. We all know of the Simpsons and Homer the archetype for the “dumb useless man”. Now I know this is a cartoon that is meant to be a comedy/parody but it does reflect our culture in certain ways.

This wasn’t always the case however, Men were once respected in the West and women were brought up to do so. But that’s almost ancient history now. 80 years of the heat being turned up high on societal norms and the ultimate guardians and the once protectors of those norms has done the job well….

Since I have become Red-pilled I have looked back at popular cultural programs from that time-period via YouTube and “TV Gold” channels on cable and satellite. It has struck me that we as men have slowly been conditioned and MANipulated excuse the pun. Its the old analogy of the frog in the cooking pot being boiled alive without it noticing the temperature is too hot before its too late. Not following me? Let me explain…..

Even 10 years ago there was still some decent male role-models with authority on TV shows. Whether they were men with physical prowess or respected intellectuals they were there. Ever so slightly this has diminished to the point that now they are basically non-existent.

Spot the Male. BBC Female NOT forced at all…….

TV is a powerful medium. It can influence populations and sway politics and thought. What message is this for young men in particular that don’t know any better? Men are now not only ridiculed (which has been going on since the 80s) but now openly ignored and shown contempt.

“The whole purpose of propaganda is to make the obvious seem obscure, or offensive”

Quote by Unknown

Have you also noticed the HUGE amount of female-only news broadcasts and tv shows now? Its insidious, but if you stop to notice it you can see right through it if you’re red-pilled enough. Its ridiculous the amount of effort that has been put into clear propping up of the agenda of “empowerment” of the fairer sex. Nobody wants or cares; apart from the radicals pushing it and the small minority of freaks, weirdos and extremists they pander to.

Its a little known fact that totalitarian regimes in the past have used women to suppress dissent. False accusations and believing one group above all others are weapons in the hands of tyrants. Don’t just take my word for it. Take it from a female survivor of the Communist regime in Romania after World War 2.

Its a sad fact that many in the West (including most men I believe) have taken our freedoms and liberties for granted. Many like the lady Irina in the linked article in the above paragraph, who have lived under police states that have no regard for personal liberties and human rights know this. I have a lot of respect for foreigners who have emigrated from these types of countries where they know how precious our way of life actually is. Its not something that was won easily. Literally it cost blood and treasure and took centuries of wars and upheaval to get where we are today.

So as a man living in the UK and watching our public broadcaster BBC its all become too clear. The quality of the programs have plummeted even since I can remember watching them in the mid-late 90s. The journalism across the board has become mindless and pathetic. Its now basically a propaganda mouth-piece for vested interests. Independent and oppositional based journalism never mind investigative journalism has long since been consigned to the dustbin of history.

Its absolutely astonishing for me to realise that so called third-world news programs have the upper-hand when compared to Western Mainstream media. Its become that defunct and obvious. I son’t know what they think they will achieve with the dumbing-down and incompetence but this just shows the West is on a clear downward spiral culturally, politically and now because of the Mexican beer bug economically on its last legs.

Men are committing suicides at the highest rates ever in the West. Personally I think this is a cowardly act but its understandable for why men are doing it these days en masse; its the easy way out of a tough spot. But it goes to show that things are extremely odd and unbalanced at the moment.

I do have to mention that men in the past stuck around and “toughed it out” but those guys were a different breed of man. They were unbroken and respected by everyone in society. The men that lived in those societies in the West were the product of intact functioning societies. I fear that when a culture/society has run its full course that it begins to eat itself from the inside. Rome did it and we will be no different. Other stronger willed (but immoral) societies are now taking center stage. Its now the case with global competition, our freedom and respect for the individual has become a point of weakness. Looks like we are in for several hundred years of Sino dominance. I touched upon this issue in my blog post/Review on Civilization Is the West History?

One of the weapons used against men in the west is the weaponisation of Western Women. Through clever deception women have been clearly deceived by this dangerous off-shoot Marxist theory. Useful idiots used to destroy the bedrock and glue holding our Western Civilization together. Who are and have always been the defenders?


The latest WAP culture and outright disrespect shown by women with zero F*cks given is all the proof you need to realise things are messed up to a critical level. In fact you probably dont know that the latest “winner” of Woman of the Year in her past was known to drug men and rob them.

Thats what Western Culture promotes now. Outright criminals. So if you can see the writing on the wall by now, you deserve whats coming…..

Cardi B Explains why she NEEDED to drug men


Well thats OK then. The hypocrisy and degeneracy is clear for all right thinking people to see. Bill Cosby must be spinning in his Jail Cell……

Behold! “Woman of the Year”

The lowest common denominator has been promoted and both sexes are now humiliated by the process of dating and even marriage. Those marriages that do go ahead now have divorce rates in excess of 70% in some Western countries. The game is not even playable anymore.

Now to compound all this Western Women are making the kinds of demands on men that are simply unrealistic and are harming them from finding suitable mates. Again I DON’T BLAME WOMEN. As I have said before the culprit is our modern technology, chiefly social media and our addiction to mobile phones. Men are realising this is now a clearly rigged game and are opting out. Now how we as men opt out differs from man to man. (I personally have gone Monk Mode) while other men are still actively taking part in the easy women on dating apps. We red-pilled men are clear of upcoming disasters that are honing in on us. We are in the tall grass out of here. The barbarains are metaphorically at the gates and theres full on chaos and orgies of decadence and fear all around us. Its in our nature to want to defend but please, blue pill men reading this: Its done. I will quote one of my favourite philosophers Edmund Burke.

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

Edmund Burke

So with the latest crisis to hit the world in the form of a “killer virus” it looks like we are running out of time. Men are withdrawing from society (MGTOW). Modern Western women are becoming increasingly deranged and unhappy and so called “Elites” are taking full advantage as never before.

Where will this end?

Well, I’m no Nostradamus or fortune-teller but I’ll tell you this for nothing. 2021 is going to be very, very interesting.

Tubeman 777


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