What has happened to us MEN in the Western World?

strong men weak men what happened?


No Pun intended as I am showing you the masculine and tough men above from the American “West”. Luckily the freaks that are close to power haven’t managed to delete or re-write history…yet
Women used to be proud of us men and they like a strong man, the mistake a lot of “men” and I use the term loosly for these cucks is to pander and be submissive to their wives of girlfriends. Women depise this.. jus so you know.
“But honey, baby I’m doing everything you WANT me to do..” if you think like this or think this is fine..Just stop now and its time you were re-educated.
Let me enlighen you. Its a test. Woemn test men. Now keep reading, for your balls sake….
I am going to setup soon a resource on this site for all men but young men to find themselves and become TRUE strong men. But that is for later I digress…
I have travelled widely and always observed other cultures on my travels. I can’t help but compare these various cultures around the world to my own… or the wreck my “culture” has become.
1. Lack of Strong Male role models
2.Relativism (leads to previously abominable behviours becoming the “Norm” making people confused
3. Subversion which is ongoing
4. Lost Morality (The Morals and good stories of Christianity set aside and ignored) People in the UK laugh at these like thery are some kind of joke or “weakness” now.
Where do children learn from? Mostly and usually from parents. Boys especially learn from thier father and if there is no father? Well, just look at the black community and you can see what happens…
I believe the “Greatest Generation” which included my recently deceased Grandmother, those who were born around WW1 and lived through,fought and died in WW2 were the last “untouched” by corruption.
Wherever this corruption has come from it is killing us slowly. Look around at the state and rabble people have become, lack of respect , honor and ambitions.
People are now content with small things; the latest this or that, “men” huddled in their apartments,flat,rooms playing online games when they used to be out asserting themselves and their families, and now could you even percieve of these degenerates fighting a war to defend their way of life now like that hero generation did against Hitler? Its a joke isn’t it? I hope you are starting to see the joke is on all of us and some very evil people are laughing….
For a good example look at the now very old tv show Bonanza.





If you watched this clip could you imagine if this was aired now on primetime tv? Haha I would love to hear the complaints and how many would there be? Far too many….
The Tv show had morals and showed men acted morally and responsibly with humour as well. It was well known how to act and respond appropriately.
Its no coincidence that behaviours have degenerated in the West.
Us frequent and ex-pat travellers know this.
Its why alot of us go abroad in the first place, we know there is a sickness and we dont want any part of it. So we pack our things together and travel for better shores. Those of us with any balls and decency. Perhaps I am being too harsh, perhaps not, but one thing is for sure i am passionate about our future and furious we are in rapid decline.

I really don’t want us men to decline… and our creation Western Civilization!
If the fall of us men happens then it all falls
Don’t let the greatest thing that has happened to our species wither pathetically away to a bunch of freaks. Managing to destroy us where barbarians of the past could not….
but there is still hope for us men to make a come-back and be supreme.
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