V For Vendetta: UK 2020

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Well it looks like we just did.

The UK faces another 4 weeks of “Lockdown”. Well it worked the first time right?

Talk about life imitating art. Now when I first watched this film I had mixed feelings. Surely this was just a fancy film adaptation of the 80s graphic novel?

I didn’t really think it was believable that the plot was a Authoritarian Government had taken power in the UK of all places. Land of liberty and free press. Not likely I thought in 2005. Well doesn’t 15 years of hindsight put things into perspective.

I’m embarrassed to be a Brit and angry the moral fibre of the people in parliament on the 4th was tested and they failed.

I include the full video below so you can view the majority of the cowards who have started us on a path to a High-Tech totalitarian dystopian nightmare.

You see the theme of this website has always been apart from Travel for men, a kind of satire with the hope of mocking extreme imbeciles such as SJWs and Radical Feminists amongst others. That’s been the rotten culture war that I have been proud to be involved with. I know I have caused some injury to the enemy. I’ve thrown my javelins and pelted them and seem blood drawn. I thought we had almost won……

But as they say, politics is down stream from culture and after what happened yesterday on the 4th November it looks like its too late for the UK.

You couldn’t make it up. Or could you?

Its common knowledge in the UK we have an problem with a poor underclass and entitled lazy middle and upperclass. I still thought we had a strong back bone though. Keep calm and carry on and all that.

I thought.

You see now I realise these people (mostly millennials) seem to have been given positions and now wield influence and power over the common man and their weakness and cowardice has pretty much doomed us all. You can tell the older members were dumbfounded and can’t believe its happening.

What Nazi Germany wanted to force on us Brits in WW2 has been acquiesced away with little resistance.

Where’s the Bulldog spirit that enabled us to stand alone against the rest of Europe 80 years ago? I know that Generation (the greatest Generation) is almost all gone now but I didn’t think and I doubt they did either freedom would die with them.

This might have just cost us everything and there’s no V to save us either.

It now seems to be a tsunami of authoritarian tyranny.

UK lawyers “uneasy” about plan to prosecute hate speech at home


Yes that’s right the society of East Germany is being created in front of our eyes for those to see. Uneasy? They should be foaming at the mouth with anger!

Looks like there’s too many weak millennials and GenZs coming through there too.

So readers I end this article with a video trailer from the original 2005 film V for Vendetta. As always I leave it for you to decide the similarities.

Tubeman 777

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