Tubeman Travels 10 Years on BRAZIL EDITION

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10 years later Brazil 2007WOW 10 years…. The years are flying by! I remember it like it was yesterday….
I was a wet behind the ears young guy out exploring for only my second time outside of Europe after Thailand. Thrilling but also terrifying! I kind of miss those days because travel was an BIG deal back then for men. Every flight and adventure of meeting people and diving in big time to all kinds of crazy stuff.

Check me out in 2007! I hit all the tourist spots and then some 😉

Being held up at gun point in Rio by POLICE was one of the low-points though. Its a funny story to that, and no me and my Brazilian friend were not doing ANYTHING bad. Would have ended up on UK T.V though because it was a big deal when a foreigner died abroad back then in 2007. Now we have “Banged up Abroad” on T.V a lot of nights people have lost the novelty of hearing about foreigners in trouble or dying. Now at least I know how the families in the favelas who were cleared out felt a little. Damn. First and still ONLY place I have had a gun drawn on me…. by the so called good guys. Gotta luv the force of the state my brothers. Well I would n’t have died without trying as good old 50 cent would say, but I digress….

As a man interest in Technology and other languages I have decided to learn portuguese and also keep up to date with whats going on in Brazil. Theres lots going on! The politics alone with the corruption allegations of the President and 1/3 senate aside. Theres a few websites that keep me up to date such as ZDNet Brazil
Also of not but you will need to know and be able to read Portuguese is cdbinformaticatechnology.com
Well worth a look at for technical help in Brazil and also for some humour. Also worth visiting is ig.com.br this is one of the most popular domains in Brazil. Covers everything brazil related.

So with all this in mind is there any possibility the Tubeman yours truely returning any time soon?

There may well be…. there always seems there’s never a good time but apart from the corruption of public officials this huge country still seems good to check out again soon. Know what I mean? Brazil has too much to offer….

Tubeman sigining off


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