Tripsta Review

review of tripsta

Oh shit….sometimes  even the best of us can make mistakes. Now I have just booked a flight for my latest trip and damn…. I paid for it LITERALLY!

Yeah its funny sometimes i don’t follow my own advice.

So how did I get stung and why?


Very Bad rating…. Do your Homework FIRST before booking!

First thing is i used trusty SKYSCANNER. Which you should use. Its great and covers the cheapest flights all around BUT this is the tricky part. Picking the ahem… Middle man “ticket consolidators”  to “book” it for you. So I picked tripsta unintentionally actually. My first choice was TravelUP which has been sweet and sound before no problems with them. It was only because of a card problem and I didnt want to re-book that I booked with another one of these “agents”. I usually do my due diligence but on this occasion I had to move fast….

I usually use the FREE FLIGHT METHOD when I book airlines. But it doesn’t always  make sense if you want to go to a specific place in a certain time-frame.



It was only later I realized that Tripsta are quite infamous for scamming customers. Having to pay EXTRA but not being up front about it either…

CHECK HERE for Tripadvisor discussion on the Tripsta deception. To be honest its the FIRST time I have had to deal with this.

I did my research and its seems its based in Greece. So dodgy money dealing should kind of be expected. Their UK site is tainted too it seems.

Tripsta Guardian
So bad even the Dinosaur UK Newspaper The Guardian covered it!


Extra £100 or $150 isnt small change…

The UK Mainstream media “The Guardian” even did some good Journalism for once and covered more outrageous behavior from Tripsta.

Like I always recommend guys be careful out there. Even the most veterean Travelers like myself can get caught out….

You got me ONE time. Tubeman doesn’t get bitten twice. FUCK YOU


Tubeman Out


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