My Golden advice for Men

goldmine of information for travellers

It can be a harsh environment for us men if we are alone without a tribe and without others who have our backs in this modern wilderness!

Here I gift you manly advice to Men of all ages.

There will be a special section later for young men, who are especially vulnerable in our current culture.


“MGTOW” or Men going their own way – It pains me to see us men in this day and age forced to resort to tactics such as this but this is unfortunately a defensive war. Here you will learn the latest news if you are determined to date and even marry in the West.



harald baldr

harald baldur

Harald has a very similar outlook to life as me and loves motorbikes and Travelling to Asia and South America.

His Youtube channel has recently exploded – for good reason, he provides some of the best (apart from yours truly) Travel Content on Youtube

Highly recommended

CHECK HIM OUT his newly updated Website






Mr.Free at 33

I have just found this guy recently and I must say I am impressed. I wish I his foresight years ago. But I had my own insurmountable problems to break through

So if you are Interested in learning how to be financially Free from a man who has done it all from the bottom?

Jason is your man. Further ahead in the game in that regard than yours truly Not far off him.


Enjoy guys 😉





Roosh V recommended

He is more of an acquired taste for sure. He is a man who has definitely left the “reservation” and embraces the philosophy of rejecting Western Women outright.

Worth a look and also his huge site also owned by him

Personally I find it a mixed bag but his website and forum are a goldmine tresuretrove of information for the modern man looking to dating in other countries.




some black guy youtube


Ok here is someone who is for the slightly younger Millennials. Derek Blackman AKA Someblackguy on youtube (sorry couldn’t find your website)


Worth checking out his no-nonsense ideas and straight talking style. Very watchable and is an example of how we should all be living together with a mind-set. He gets it and what the Millennial Gen SHOULD have been before it was corrupted by radical Feminists (Marxists in Panties).




Expat Kings


I like the fact that this website owner has decided Men of Color (Black Men) deserve to be catered to.


Its different when travelling to foreign cultures and not being white. This site is a great introduction for us men with darker heritage.

Brett Dev in Chiang Mai


He is a very cool and down-to-earth man. He has lived in Thailand for many years and is a successful Web developer. 

He had managed to unplug from the Rotten Western World and find a place of peace.


Hes definitely worth a look and will open your eyes to a whole new world. He has a YouTube channel here. Also has a website answering many questions about Chiang mai,



Colombian Casanova

As an acknowledged Colombian Cassanova myself, its only natural to recommend to you guys a man who has gone even “Deeper” into Colombian female psychology than me. Let me introduce you to Papi Chulo.

You won’t forget his website in a hurry. He has everything you NEED to know about dating Colombian girls specifically. Hes a beast. Enjoy…
colombian cassanova

His Resources page is here.









Milo dangerous

milo resistance


Milo has exploded on the internet by storm. English and irreverent, funny and completely “gay”

I always like freethinkers and people who go against the herd mentality. This man definitely scratches that itch.

Highly recommended!








Maybe you think I am a Millionaire? Well I can tell you I am not and far from it. I have knowledge. Knowledge IS Power an I am here to give you this Travellers gold.

I will humbly add myself to this prestigious list………So you want the best Travelers Golden information?

Secrets of how I Travel cheaply an party with girls all over the world?

At first I was like you and payed FULL PRICE! for my tickets

I think back and kick myself when I count all the money I wasted paying to the airlines.

Now the airlines have membership programs and other “Air mile” offers but this is not the full story. I have teamed up with this good guy and we offer most of this information to you  for FREE.

But help us out too because we have SAVED you thousands of dollars already if you want the same lifestyle as me and many others.

Maybe you think I am a Millionaire? Well I can tell you I am not and far from it. I have knowledge. Knowledge IS Power an I am here to give you this Travellers gold.

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