Traveling to Thailand alone as a male

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Excitement…Adventure…Thailand. Let me tell you my secret….I popped my adventure cherry in Thailand way back in 2007. It was a hell of a year. I traveled alone as a male and LOVED IT. I did some crazy things some I don’t regret because it has MADE ME THE MAN I AM TODAY!

I also in a previous post months ago covered travelling solo for men wherever in the world you happen to be.

I know for you younger guys its a big deal – It should be – It was for me, it was also the first time for me travelling outside of Europe! haha all kinds of firsts! Its kind of like a rights of passage, so you can’t really listen to your family or friends. Its a path you must decide you should or shouldn’t take yourself. If you are the right type of person. Some people can’t be alone for long…its true! These tend to be the “Cancers” that just want to party and fuck up other countries disrespecting cultures like a multiplying just like virus’ do.



solo travel Thailand male
Travelling alone as a male can be lonely sometimes….

I didn’t even know the movie “The Beach” Starring Leonardo Di DiCaprio  existed when I traveled to Thailand the first time. As  mentioned before I was completely out of it. Didn’t watch popular movies much or culture.

It was only AFTER I realized damn… This is a whole lifestyle or Sub-culture that exists. Travelling, meeting new people , living the life with DECENT people . The scene where the great scottish actor Robert Carlyle that plays “Daffy” described the dumb stupid typical tourists as “Cancers” is a favorite of mine in the movie. These aren’t REAL travelers like the narrator Di caprio plays says himself. They could be back in their countries doing all the same shit. Its just got a tropical warm climate. Morons!





Anyway this lifestyle is still ideal for many even thoug *SPOILER ALERT*  It didn’t end well for the character Di Caprio played in the movie.

I covered how we can (and I did for many years) escape to a piece of paradise in the far East of Asia in Thailand – Check it out.


One final word of wisdom/warning. Doing DRUGS in Thailand is very risky. Its illegal and they have HARSH penalites for even smoking a joint- if the police see you. Some can be bribed but even thats 50/50.

Also gambling is “officially” illegal oo. But people do only privately.

So guys take care out there, strap up and have make some memories you will never forget!



Over and Out!




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