Travel Tours for 30 year olds

travelling tours for 30 year olds

Travelling in your 30s is a whole new ball-game. If like me you have become seasoned then you will want something new and exciting. Heres my proud admission – I never did club 18-30 LOL

Too boring, controlling and restrictive for me… not my cup of tea…. I am a sophisticated traveler so obese English women taking shits in the street doesn’t do it for me 😉


Tubeman is in his 30s! Oh shit! I know I am young on the outside and inside….

Let me outline some options for you guys to think about first. Do you REALLY want to have a Travel Tour at your age? The baby hand holding Club 18-30 from the UK finishes at 30 for a reason! Even in the nanny state UK the expectation is you can go it alone from 30 on up…..

Harsh? Maybe but its for your own good you guys…. I am the Travel Master and I want to share my knowledge (hard won) with you. 🙂

  • Plan your OWN Tour (Sounds crazy but its worth it)
  • Travel Alone (Its worth it too, but I know its frightening if you have been drip-fed holiday Reps doing everything for you up until now…)
  • Tread off the beaten path (Trips to unknown areas where you have to put in the effort to reap rewards see my Colombian adventures)
  • As the You tuber Minority Nomad suggest start Backpacking and go on mini Tours through different countries. Your not a teenager anymore right



Now this list is just the basics but I hope you get my drift….

I plan on making my own video soon on the topic but I have given fellow You tuber Minority Nomad (Recommend you check out his other Vids permission to give you more ideas)



Ok so still not convinced?


Well who am I to stop you, I can only show you the door to better things…..

travel tour for 30 year olds and up


These guys at Toucan Tours are some of the best and most reliable if you’re determined to go on a heavily structured tour.

I have been on them in the past, I personally enjoyed them at the time many years ago but have since written my own destiny with my Travel adventures.


Always have fun guys and be safe out there!





Tubeman 777

Adios for now 😉

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