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Travel Abroad Destroyed my 3rd Wave Feminist Chains!

Woah, I have let this blog slip a wee bit, nevermind I hope to redeem myself in your eyes by giving you men a gift from hard won experience…..

Guys let me tell you as a man who has travelled around the world for many years- You men in the Western World are living in the Feminist Hell Matrix..
Don’t believe me? You can always trust me I am Tubeman777!
I always have your back guys and I don’t lie. But you guys have been sold a lie and have been living in a deceitful world. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but our culture has been subverted. You can smell it in the air once you have your senses back. I am here to set you free from this matrix and smell the rotting decomposing, bubbling boiled purple flesh of Feminism; this freak creature we are watching rampage through our culture which has been created after many hard generations of normal sucessful sucessful natural and organic growth.
I first had my eyes hurt, blinded to the truth a few years ago travelling abroad for the first time. I was confused when talking to women and other men, watching how they interacted with each other, the ease, women smiling and flirting EXPECTING men to talk and chat them up flirting! Amazing I thought!

These women looked beautiful too! I travelled to other places Thailand,Brazil,Dominican Republic,Panama and Africa…It was all good and each time I returned back to the UK I realised I had been lied to. I felt angry and deceived. The ugly women with bad attitudes became a running joke to me. My friends thought I was losing my mind because I was angry and lecturing all the time criticising about the way things are in th UK.

feminism is weapon
Why are all good ideas abused?

I go DEEP into the damage its causing our society here

Instead of expecting them to be grateful for showing them the truth, they attacked me and refused to believe or accept that things were bad or even needed changing. They told me horror stories of some dates they had been on. The entitled attitudes which they did not confront because they thought this was “normal” behaviour for women. Of course they did! They didn’t know any better!
I had tasted the sweet honey of “normality” and it was a cheap plane ticket away…
I was being verbally attacked too, so it was time to change my social circle and move on to better people. My friends, let me tell you REAL friends will not attack you if you give the on a plate a chance for a better life.
This man, this Tubeman777 has awoken and is rising like a phoenix and letting the weak men of the UK grovel and pander like huddled beggars to the entitled princesses on their pedestals, high in the sky created by the zombie monster of 3rd wave feminism. This ugly, lesbianic bloated creature needs to be slain! The monster is trying to swallow and digest other countries but thankfully abroad in most other countries the family unit repelled the monsters claws as it swings. deflecting the blow on the shield of family.
Food for thought my friends and I hope this encourages you to a better life.
More to come soon…………….



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