Things to do in Panama city for adults

panama city for adults men

So guys we are all consenting adults here right? Good!

I recently had to vacate my first love Colombia because of Visa reasons…. So where would the Tubeman be going to “re-load” his  3 Month Travel Visa waiver?

Thats right you guessed it…. PANAMA !

The place where it all started for me 4 years ago after a 7 year hiatus.



So returning to Panama was a good feeling after doing so much travelling in the past 4 years. I made the most of it as I mentioned in the video. The first time I didn’t visit Costa Del Este and certainly not the girl bars like I did this time around.

Only concern is this area is very expensive from the burgers to the beers and everything in-between. Most of the girls you can see are Colombian. They take care of themselves and like cosmetic surgery as you can see.

As you can see I enjoyed myself and I hope you guys enjoyed my visit too. This was only in the day time in Panama, it gets more interesting at night 😉

I did partake a little in the Panama night life so keep coming back to check my blog and my Youtube channel for updates.

More videos coming soon guys…..


Tubeman 777 out

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