The Post Modern Western Womanist Society.

Literally Hell on Earth for Men… Well as they say the world is going to hell in a handbasket. The West is at the very least. You know I think we all felt this coming as men in our western societies. Like Morpheus says to Neo, its something you can feel if your senstive enough.

Now with big powers crossing the line in the sand with our liberties and “freedoms” its making things pretty obvious to all but the most deaf and dumb out there (I consider you guys reading this the enlightened by the way) its all authoritarian and we now have that feeling in all our guts, a sixth sense as it were, well and truly confirmed.

You see many of us so called “Conspiracy theorists” as the mainstream media and “normies” would call us have known this for some time. The sheeple are quite happy to sit back and let all this happen. They don’t realise they are frogs boiling in the cooking pot.

The big bug laws have changed they way these people think they can dictate over people. Literally.

It didnt take much for the first opportunity to use “Lockdown Law” for others purposes than a nasty bug.

It was just a matter of time, encouraged by peoples cowardice.

Now we have laws proposed for arbitary unlawful “Curfews for men”. I shit you not. You Americans reading this I can already tell don’t believe me, so here’s a link to the reality of this dystopian matrix curfew in Europe thats here already.

As I have said before in previous posts we have a deficeit of masculintiy and testosterone in the UK. Its not ironic that one of the biggest swinging Dicks in London is a woman.

Cressida Dick Metropolitan Police Chief.

London. A tale of 2 Dicks.

I suppose I should be proud as the typical “new man” in London is; that the UK is now leading the way in this revolutionary thought and practice. Its not just London though, many other cities in the UK have borught in Anti-male laws which have could have been draughted up in Lesbian man-hating Feminist clubs.

New “Hate-crime laws” which CRIMINALISE wolf-whistling. Thats right a display of masculinity and actual appreciation for attractive women which is still normal in many countries around the world, will now have you serving Prison time in the free UK. Clown world confirmed.

Tubeman 777 reporting from Clown world.

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