The fight is on in 2020!

So another year and another Tubeman post. Its been a busy year for me with things OTHER than travel. Its the first year that I didn’t travel anywhere significant for five years. I must say it was refreshing to take a step back and regard what I have seen and experience over those five years.

I have been making videos and contemplating the direction i wantto take not only this website but also my Youtube Channel.

2019 was a year of asserting the Tubeman philosphy of careful content. What do I mean by that you say? Well, I always wanted my content to reflect me and what I believe in. I am a freedom lover and an honest man.

Those are the core tenets of what I believe in and I try to live up to those ideals. Now I have clashed with some other people in 2019 and I believe it was for the best. The whole Red pill community and MGTOW has been in turmoil and people have been trying to take over. Thats not something I like.

People trying to dominate the community for their own gains does not work. It also goes against the whole Freedom philosophy I love and want to protect. I made some videos defending the “Manosphere” to some negative forces and people DID deserve to get their heads slapped about by me. I have no regrets about that whatsoever. YouTube has also proven me correct by deleting outright the more extreme elements of the community.

There have also been some great new entrants to the community such as CoachGregAdams, He is older than myself and exemplifies the ethos of how the Red Pill man should be.

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