Tally-Ho! – Decadent Degen “Media” Banned in faraway mountainous country

Looks like the hunter has become the hunted…. Somethings never change. I remember watching the news on TV over 20 years ago about scary bad men in the mountains. This was all before social media or YouTube and most people still only watched 5 channels.

Needless to say the world has (some historians would say) “progressed” in the last twenty years. Now whether that so called progression has been a positive or negative is I believe up for debate.

If a cultures media becomes corrupt enough to the point of destroying its own society and nuclear familes is it justified to ban or worse? Interesting questions no?

So as I have mentioned in other blog posts from the past specifically regarding my 2017 Decadence and Decline of the Western world post; multiple barbarians are at the gate. We have almost the complete four horsemen of the “apocalypse” described from the formerly powerful Christian religion. The western world currently has weak leaders as its figureheads (frail old men and women) that Rome also had in the 5th Century, and the rest of the hostile world is licking its lips ready for the pounce.

As an amateur historian and avid reader of books, one of my favourite historical fiction books is Eagle in the Snow by Wallace Breem. It was written in the 1970s and the author was an actual military veteran from WW2. It is a good glimpse into the very similar attitudes and behaviours of peoples in a dying Late Roman empire.

Two days later I rode southwest in the spring sunshine. Behind me I left my youth, my middle age, my wife, and my happiness. I was a general now and I had only defeat or victory to look forward to. There was no middle way any longer, and I did not care.

Excerpt from the novel EAGLE IN THE SNOW by Wallace Breem

The populace in the West of 2021 are distracted or sheepish and divided, many of whom are unwilling to defend what it stands for.

WAR. DISEASE. FAMINE. DEATH. Is the end of the West nigh?

Other competitors to our way of life (or former way of freedom loving life) are threatening internally and externally. In my other blog post also from 2018 Civilization Is the West History?

Its looking very likely we have dark times and a new dark age ahead….


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