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Hello guys and thanks for reading…yes its been
awhile since my last post but I only make quality content on my blog and I have also been involved with other projects. Don’t worry though I will always keep this website up and engaged
Solo Travel for Men… Many of us don’t like to do it but i tell you it CAN make you a well-rounded modern man. Apart from the obvious challenges and excitement of travelling solo there are some benefits you gain without even realizing it.
Planning your visit to a country and what you actually do there is a very valuable skill you aquire and can transfer to your home country even if you never travel again. Independent critical thinking without others around you providing “support” can harden you and gives you authority and confidence.
A man doesn’t understand the world he is in if he remains in a bubble. If you don’t know any better you will not feel the NEED to change. With Travel you see other opportunities and there its better things out there; whether its better women or higher quality of life, cheaper living etc
Its amazing the things you take for granted and don’t realize holds you back as a man in our nanny state, drip fed society of the West. We a drinking from sewage water, consuming garbage food, ideas and culture. We only have to take a pill of knowledge (red pill) and its all obvious and we can stop accepting poison and move to where we can be healthy and free. Travel does this for you you all, especially you younger guys… You have the most to gain – DONT BE LAZY!
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