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Boy oh boy, now I always knew my generation was a weak one but these younger GenZ guys take the biscuit…… As I have mentioned in previous blog posts such as London has fallen, the UK is in a perilous state. It wasn’t really our fault, the preceding generations have a lot to answer for. But speaking on an individual level we as men need to take responsibility for our actions or inaction. Whether that is standing up to disrespect and checking womens’ bad behaviour or drawing a line with people in general.

Life in London is definatley NOT simple. I tell guys its only a place to make money and go about your business. Getting involved with females here can be catastrophic for you (with the exception of foreign women here).

Don’t know your SIMP from your elbow? Urban Dictionary

Thats right…… London Chad just sent her a message. Clueless SIMP

The screen cap above was taken from random London street filming in April 2022. I didn’t record this particular video but its the typical type of thing you see around London. Now certain cultures and communities put up with this bad behaviour from these females; other cultures are harsher and have more patriarchal control. Being back in London now for four months has made me see things sharper and clearer than before.

There is ZERO femininity here, so technically there no women here. Its a complete saugage-fest. The females here walk around like jacked up dude even if they do have the illusion of women.

The best a man can get in London….. FFS

Men and boys let me make this clear for you, I know many of you don’t know whats going on outside your communities and many of you haven’t travelled or experienced other cultures.

SIMPS have a similar look….

Let me tell you that this is what you look like. Jugging for mediocre scraps and disrespect. You can do better men!

Men in the UK are not respected. “Men” here ACCEPT that.

Men are being raised like trained monkeys to please these people.

After travelling and seeing other more sane cultures keep in check the excesses of females in society I can definitively say we are on the road to disaster.

The Weakness of these “men” is sickening….

Its a lose-lose guys, if you do get the right dress outfit for her then you may be tapping into your rainbow side……


Just what a woman wants, a feminine man in touch with his fashionista self. Its cringe worthy tv for any decent masculine man not yet castrated by this sick society. Men in masculine patriarchal societies don’t even need to hit the gym to get the best looking quality women.

Don’t take it the wrong way, I was once juggling this shit too

Build yourselves up into independent men and don’t pander to these grotesque entitled narcissists.

Tubeman 777

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