REVIEW: The Social Dilemma (NETFLIX)

What a dilemma it is. I don’t do reviews very often guys so lap this one up while you can. Now as men we all know the negative consequences social media has had on women. (Its f*cked up the dating market completely) women will even admit this if you press them. Its a humiliating process for both sexes. But this is just a small segment of the issue in my humble opinion.

The bigger issue is of course facing us as humans living on this planet. Do we have rights anymore? Do we have the right to privacy? Notice I didnt phrase this Do we have privacy? That should be fairly obvious that ship sailed long long ago…..

I watched the whole documentary/drama and its very good. It touches on topics that we frequently bring up in the manosphere (not just about women) but about the issues young men face now in this brave new world.

We have created a society that is heading for a potentially very dark place. If I were a seriously religious man you could even say it has similarities to the book of revelations – The mark of the beast and all that. But that’s not me, I believe we are the creators of our reality and what we are creating at the moment will be a beast we will have a hard time controlling in the future. There was one shocking stat shown on the program that was quite shocking. I didn’t realise males always has a higher rate of deaths from taking our own lives. The iphone came out in 2007. You can see a sharp uptick around that time.


We are already mostly all addicted to social media. I have always personally restricted my use (friends and family know this) my phone is rarely on, but this is unusual I know. Most people, especially Gen Z are hooked. Literally glued to their screens. It has conditioned us to be almost slave like and almost worshipping the medium.

This is reflected in the docu-drama quite well, even though the main protagonist is a young man. Girls almost want to lash out and become aggressive to those around them on a visceral level. Its almost as if social media hooks onto our old lizard brain and brings out the worst in us. Now I don’t know what the solution is, this Netflix docudrama didn’t have a clear answer to that either, but I thought it was refreshing for once for a mainstream media platform to showcase a part of our current reality and show things are not going well in our daily lives in the Western world.

My biggest GRIPE with the programme though is the lack of accountability of the very creators of these systems (such as the like button). Its almost as if most of them suffer from schizophrenia or have a form of autism, they don’t seem to be to join the dots on the fact they unleashed this on us. Its a genie that can’t be put back in the bottle, that has changed our world and threatens stability of centuries old intuitions. Its a potential WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction).

Social Media has de-facto made the world more anti-social and polarised.

So its worth a watch on Netflix, its a shame they don’t produce more quality stuff like this. Its almost real journalism.

So this is a thumbs up from me 😉

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