REVIEW: Star Trek Disrespect


The actual name of the show is Star Trek Discovery but i couldn’t resist.
(Fucked up Alien Freddy Krueger and Black Lives Matter team up in SJW sick Space fantasy)
In image show above
Its completely disrespectful to the much loved franchise and the disrespect between characters has to be watched to be believed…. I just had to imagine 1960s Star Trek Captain Kirk back-handing this shows main character “Michael”, who you guessed it is a woman… More useless “edgy” bullshit. Total artificial fake crap.
Wow I have always liked Star Trek but never been a HUGE mega fan. So it really takes something for me to write a blog post out of utter disgust with this new interpretation of “Star Trek”. Gone are the good story-lines and noble premise behind Star Trek of past shows. Each episode used to be a moral dilema here and there, made you think and was deep…. Thats all fucking gone now. Its all pretty CGI now (yes its 2017 so thats improved since 1993) but thats the only improvement. Wow this new show is bad. But also like all shows is a window into the time we are living. The Zeitgeist if you will, so the show itself? A part from the bad acting its too serious and pretentious. Also just plain hard to watch. Characters are unlikable and have ludicrous personalities. I think they were trying to make the show “edgy” but that has fallen flat on its face completely.
They tried to go for a Game of Thrones type thing in space but the script was nowhere up to the job….
All crew members have some serious attitude, are anti-social freaks and the aliens are the most “human-like” that says it all…..
From the forced must-have almost all-female crew (seriously I was keeping count) to the gay aliens and humans this was a total joke….
Especially unintentionally funny and awkward when just for comparison you watch the classic 1993 Star trek the next-Gen before hand. Seriously you will be shocked at the degeneracy of quality in 23 years. I mean even diplomatic Jean-Luc Picard would be getting violent with some of his crew members. No respect for the captain at all. Everyone has an attitude problem and something to say smugly….. ffs I don’t even do “reviews” of movies or books that often it was THAT enraging.
To sum up this isn’t Star Trek. This is an abomination which is using the name to sell this under-cooked garbage which will give you mental food posioning after you watch it…
Souless and depressing, just like the times we are living in. Nihilism. Everything is relative? Fuck you Producers of this garbage.
Watching this shit on Netflix was like a bad nightmare… but an SJWs wet fucked up drem….
Wow just WOW
Hollywood is fucked
(CGI is the only plus but completely wasted on this abomination)
Phew had to get that off my chest….Anyway, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below. Your comments are welcome.
Tubeman out
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