Passport Bros Are STUDs

I often hear the denouncement from misandrist radical women online proclaiming men are only interesting in creating breeding mares when they travel overseas. Oh Really? In fact let me keep the horse analogy for a moment and give you the reality of the situation. Men that travel overseas that are looking for traditional relationships are in huge demand. So much so you can imagine them as studs: – male adult experienced horses , stallions that are looking to start families AWAY from the local mare market. In fact passport bros and men that travel in general are looking for much younger females. The youngest female horse is known as a filly not a mare.

Can you see how absurd the claims of these depraved radicals are in the Western current culture?

It is a real shame because these men would have loved to have stayed and contributed to their communities, cultures and nation but, alas things have turned to horse shit in the West. Female obesity is at an all time high, the delusion and promiscuity is at epidemic proportions and Western women have purposefully NOT been trained whatsoever in how to complement and be a supportive team player with a man.

The video below is of a western middle aged woman (39 years of age) which is very common here in the West.

Yes being a traditional wife to a husband is now considered “slavery” to a significant portion of the western female population. Doing ANY kind of house work/chores is considered servitude. The levels of entitlement from that statement alone is enough reason for men to consider their dating and serious relationship options. Women have not only become physically unappealing (tattoos, extremely overweight and excessive makeup) but also their attitudes have become masculine and they are selfish and extremely lazy. It doesn’t make sense for a man in this day and age to engage with that.

Western women have become competitors at best, enemies at worst…..

I have discussed with more than one foreign woman overseas about the dreadful state of women in the west and they are generally in disbelief when I explain the situation to them. They think of women in the west as spoilt princesses that have squandered their inheritance.

The only thing of value, which we are as the men, are leaving and the whole system is already teetering on the edge of economic, social and political instability.

So save yourselves men! The fillies are lining up for us overseas. Ditch the donkeys here in the West.

Get your passports!



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