Online Privacy and Freedom

Guys and Gals, its been a minute…..
2 months… BUT I have been very busy and a lot has happened. Now you guys all know me as Tubeman777 and that is how I will keep it between us but as we all know our identities can be uncovered and it is quite simple to find out if someone is dedicated enough.
In these time of the 21st Century we can assume our identities are compromised but there are ways to avoid snooping from Government and dedicated individuals.
2. Secure Firewall
Another area which can get us into trouble (mostly from hijackers and Trojan malware) Actual hackers dedicated to uncovering and accessing your computers systems are very slim.
So Tubeman why are you covering this now???
With Youtube especially there is a risk of public anonimity being uncovered especially when your views are contraversial. People with intent to cause harm and malice will be prepared to come after you. It has happened to me recently but dont let this discourage you! It hasnt discouraged me whatsoever; in fact it has emboldened me and given me fresh resolve. We have many enemies and subversion is real in this world, especially with what is happening in our Western world. We must stand strong together united and confident we will succeed and defeat our enemies in his war of our metaphorical souls…
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