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Online Dating Is Terrable For Most Men in the West

Now as a child growing up in the 1980s I loved being frightened by video nasties and freaky horror shows for kids. One enjoyable British show I remember disctinctly from this period being called TerraHawks. Little did I realise the boys of my generation would grow up into the dating nightmare that is the Western World in the of the 2020s.

With most young women 18-25 now targeting only the top 10-20% of men or openly selling themselves with seeking arrangments or onlyfans the rigged game is open for all to see. Levels of involuntary celibacy in young men living in the Western world are at record highs.

Zelda got a Match…

Now I know younger guys are suffering, I have empathy and even sympathy for their plight. The dating market is completely skewed at the moment. 80% of women on dating apps are targeting only 20% of men. Thats a lot of young guys missing out on “action”. So naturally its in our male nature to seek alternatives in extreme situations.

Sometimes though things are taken too far, such as the young dude (with nose bull ring) thats a Bridge too far for any man….

The 2020 Prediction

Now my brothers the most fascinating aspect of the the 1980s puppet show was that it was set in the year 2020. I shit you not. A future when insane ancient androids are having schizoprhenic babies. Seems to me there were hidden messages in this “childrens” popular show after all.

Zeldas’ Sister It-Star had a baby. A “thing” of beauty for an ancient android

For me dating in the Western world is unacceptable. Even if the female is attractive on the outside, the inside of her will be a radioactive wasteland. What man raised with traditional desires wants that? It truly is a sad state of affairs, weak men and even weaker women facing up to an envitatable defeat in the ugly face. So the summary is this: if you could know that participating in a broken empire was going to lead to your personal destruction, why would you continue to participate as grown men?


As the good books tells us (which is Red-pilled asf) no right thinking man builds his house on a foundation of sand. Dating is not only a waste of time and resources for men in the West but also a perversion and humilating ordeal for traditional men. We as Men have to acknowledge that the idea of the white picket-fence is as dead as the eyes of a ran-through 49er on POF.

Dating apps are busted: Too much Mayonnaise and hot dogs are bad for anyones health……

Tubeman 777

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