Once upon a Virgin in Colombia 2015 (Part 1)

colombian virgin story

COLOMBIA! It can be a scary destination for some first timers…..But its an amazing place for so many reasons. Having visited on three separate occasions I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

I have been travelling all over the world for over 10 years now (Starting in 2007 with my first crazy adventure to Thailand) I was funding myself with online poker at the time. This is an era without Wifi so I was hitting the spread out internet cafes all over Thailand.

But I digress…I am writing about Colombia. My first trip there was in 2015. Man I still remember the flight like it was yesterday. The feeling of butterflies in my stomach and also almost-fear in my guts as I approached the Avianca (Colombian Airline) Check-in desk in my native London Heathrow Airport. “Hello Sir, English or Spanish?” She asked with her flawless makeup and beautiful face.

“English is best haha” – I was torn between turning to run and handing over my passport. I had a big screen with “BOGOTA FLIGHT 125” to my right. Oh shit I was thinking I am about to head to the wild wild West.. (Images of drugs, Guns and violence flashes in my mind) and there’s no Will Smith there waiting to protect me.

Queuing up at Avianca…Should I stay or Go now?

WTF am I doing? Step-back. I had first heard about the wonders of Colombia from a good friend of mine a year earlier in 2014 on a trip to Panama in a hotel. He was a biker travelling through Panama doing his epic journey – Argentina to Canada. He was already 3 months in. 3 months to go.

He was raving about the people, culture and how it was an untapped paradise. But I remember asking him all the usual ignorant un-enlightened questions at the time. “How safe is it?” “Did you meet any drug dealers or see cocaine?” LOL What an un-informed guy I was back then…. I have come a long way since then. My friend Steve just smiled at me and pulled out his laptop showing me all his photos and told me some stories a few of which were XXX rated (after stopping in sin-city Medellin) and also all the rest.

I was hooked. So here i was just over a year later. Big-ass suitcase and gut doing cartwheels and making noises with nervousness.

My Butthole was clenched tight. …

More coming Soon

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