Once upon a Virgin in Colombia 2015 (Part 2)

airport el dorado

So after 10 hours of flying on Avainca Airways (great Airline btw) I had arrived at El Dorado Airport Bogota! But was this going to be a Golden adventure and a land or riches for me?

There I was by the baggage carousel, it was humid (for me anyway as a Brit) and I was nervous…. I thought to myself “damn, I could get kidnapped robbed or worse… WTF am I doing? But I had faith. My faith held as I picked up my bad and after filling in a entry form which is necessary I passed my passport to Customs and descended the escalator. I found it difficult to walk completely straight my bowels were churning and my butt was tighter than a crabs arse but I mad it through to the arrivals lounge. I braced myself for gun-shots and blood on the floor…………………………

What? what? WTF?

The sight that was laid before me was…..

Normal. Looked like a European Airport actually. Similar to Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez. It took me a second to comprehend and register.

And that my friends is the power of propaganda and dis-info and bad reputation…..

You see after that moment I realised this was the place for me…..

I just knew I was gonna pop my Colombian cherry 😉

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