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NOT Kowtowing is Now A Revolutionary Act

Yes thats right how things have turned upside-down and inside out. The mere act of keeping your morals and principles and not conceding to social pressures and unjust authority is now that. Dark times indeed.

Whether we are taking about “taking the knee” or taking other substances into our body it seems the world of 2021 is a place where individuals are having to reassess their own sovereignty.

Just to be clear here is the dictionary definition from the Cambridge English Dictionary. ( 2021 not updated….yet)

KOWTOWING: to show too much respect to someone in authority, always doing what you are told and changing what you do in order to please them
It was a big thing in China in the past and still is in their totalitarian culture.

A mere few decades ago it would have seemed unthinkable. We still had a world of people alive from a generation who opposed tyranny in their youth and fought for us to keep the meager candlelight of freedom alive in the darkness of the abyss. The sacrifice of World War 2 and even further back in history; where generations of bloodshed and strife had to take place in order to gain liberties we had, has now been acquiesced away on a whim by the masses of cowards alive in the current generation.

How will future historians look back at this time? A time known for the biggest confidence trick in the history of mankind? Possibly. That depends if historians are even allowed actual intellectual freedom of thought to critique the past. Yes I believe we have sunk that low.

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