New Year. Same Sh*t. The Old Remember the past

You know I don’t believe in coincidences much. A freak illness that separates us from one another and targets the elderly is too convenient. Especially when the last “virus” was in 1917 and affected young healthy people the most.

Its a strange thing living in a time where liberties have been stripped away. Many people are in a daze. The young especially (25 and under) seem to be under a spell of some kind.

The only push-back against overreaching powers by law makers is coming from the older generations. My generation (Older Millennials) are basically cowering or not accepting that the country/West has changed. Now as I have mentioned I see these young people a lot. The are afraid and cowered. Even avoiding eye-contact with you in the street.

The youngster Generation were already having a hard time with socialising and anxiety because of social media and the lack of communities in the UK. Now, with the big bug situation and big daddy Gov in Authoritarian control what kind of future society will people who are like this produce in the future?

Not a free-thinking expressive independent one that’s for sure.

I see this cowed look from under 25s everywhere in London

Now I mentioned East Germany in a blog post about V for Vendetta: UK 2020. This was the society where neighbour was pitted against neighbour and it was a complete police state. This all fell around 1989 with the fall of the Berlin wall. I don’t think the Communists that ran that society went away.


Its another interesting observation that the last of the tough generation of WW2 veterans are dying out. These men fought an obvious tyranny and evil and risked their own lives without question. That was over 75 years ago now if my maths is correct with the defeat of Nazi Germany.

In fact 1945 was the year it all ended. This led to the formation of the Nato and Eastern Block division of Europe up until 1989 with the final fall of another “Evil Empire” that also controlled suppressed its people. East Germany has an interesting history and had a huge Police state and control network. Now of course physical wire taping and secret turning up on the publics doorstep isn’t needed now, our world has the internet and tracking technology. The surveillance and control available in todays world of 2021 would make past Totalitarian regimes in the West drool.

So with our borders now closed like the Old Eastern Block countries and “Luxury Communism” in full effect how free do YOU feel?

Again, using young females as the useful idiots to dupe people into believing this sh*t. They are not even hiding their intentions now.

If you do know some history you guys know this isn’t going to end well. 100 million dead from Communism in the 20th Century. How many lives will it take in the 21st Century? Will you be one of them?


At least you will have your skull polished in death right?

BTW this is a video from the BBC (BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION) thats for you guys who have been inside watching the P*rn Hub too much.


If the borders open up again (with no doubt heavy restrictions) will you flee this decadent and literally bankrupt “NEW” life.

To my fellow Countrymen, Freedom lovers and intellectuals, the choice should be clear.

Tubeman 777

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