The New International Travel: A “Jab” to our Faces as Men

Well well well, who could have predicted it? Seriously though many so called “conspiracy theorists” called this years ago and now its finally here….

Vaccine passports have been on the cards for many years. Now its here in our faces, so blatant even the sheeple are waking up to it and asking questions like WTF is going on?

I think the situation we are in as lovers of international travel that these “authorities” have put us in is unethical and even sinister. Having to take an unproven substance is in my personal opinion (and many others) a form of coercion plain and simple. Again it looks like we are heading in an Authoritarian direction in the Western World (especially Anglo sphere).

Many have said the West now resembles a freshly-made zombie, a society rotting from within and those of us with the sharpest senses of danger realising it first. Many like you reading this. Take this as a gift instead of a curse. It will give you the upperhand and head-start over the masses of zombies that don’t know whats going on.

Be free brothers.

But in the meantime…..We are all bleeding out our freedom and rights.

Feels good right?

Tubeman 777

Vaccine Free to Domination.

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