Movie/Film REVIEW No Men Beyond This Point

Misandry no men beyond this point
All my expectations and gut-feelings confirmed. Propaganda at the expense of men. Again. From hearing about this from a friend I watched this on Netflix with an open mind. Now… consider I have been a real red-pilled man now for several years but only open to the SJW agenda for about a year. This blew my mind and I recommend everyone within this community, old-school, traditional men who have managed to not be infected and subverted themselves watch this!
So, what IS the point of this Movie?
Now granted, it will take some effort to keep your bile down but bear with it and watch with an analytical eye.

I mean I am not alone in thinking this was a pile of shit….
Checkout the amazon review LOL
1 stars throughout and the comments….
Even many feminists and radicals after cheering and thumbing their fat tatooed chests and jiggling their bellies will come away without laughter…
Afterall this was presented as a “comedy” but we in the know realise what the agenda is and what the exetremists and subverters are about.
It insults men from the off, you can tell some seriously disturbed females have created this with glee and that look of madness in their eyes.
Very disturbing, some women I know even thought this had gone too far…
These ones (In the UK) are tainted by the collective suicidal man-hating ideology and current zeitgeist.
Dig-deep though and there is some value in studying and knowing your enemies thoughts. So this is the nightmare world envisioned by control-freak insane women…Mmmmm
Ok now we can work out how to de-rail them and reverse-engineer their thinking.
Like any piece of cinema it gives a glimpse into the current mindset of the culture and for that it will remain a stain of shit, a skidmark on the mind of a hedonistic and corrupt decadent culture befroming spuku before being ass-raped by savages.
The Propaganda is so strong in this it will actualy wake many men and clueless women up about how they have been brain-washed!
The biggest fucking joke was that I thought to myself…”They still have electricity and running water and sewage treatment?” whos running it? LMAO A NEW DARK AGES, PEOPLE STARVING TO DEATH AND SKELETAL FIGURES HUDDLED AROUND SCENTED CANDLES
The DIRECTOR Mark Sawers should have his head down in shame, what a cuck
But after also producing video such as “Alienated” and “Pure Evil” I will leave the irony hanging there….
Too many SJWs working for you… here the real deal
Check their donkey shit Review here 


Ever heard of smug Misandry ? No? Well now you know what it is….

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