London Has Fallen…To Marxist Feminism

Some have called this disease Marxism in panties. Others worse names like Cancer. The truth is whatever you call it, its here and endemic. As I am still in London at the moment during this latest crisis of the West I can’t help noticing with my red-pilled lenses the depths of the depravity. Even walking the streets in relatively wealthy neighbourhoods is a sight for sore-eyes.

I had to see it to believe it. Marxist Fist above London

UPDATE JANURAY 2021. I have had to update this blog post. A mere week after this original post on the 23rd December this Firework display almost brought a tear to my eye of sadness to know London has been subverted. Not just London though, the entire world has been duped by this “Revolution”. Its all making sense and the dots are joining together…..

Being a masculine man in London 2020 is being an endangered species. The hunters are out to take us down. Everything is a challenge here. The women have become indoctrinated “wannabe” men (I shit you not) and the actual men have been gelded. There has always been a level of weak men in London but the “big bug Rona” has really made this obvious. Now its not all men thankfully. The most afflicted are unfortunately the young, usually teens and early twenties.

There has been especially the last 10 years a extremely virulent and nasty strain of this virus. I made an earlier blog post in 2017 about this titled travel abroad destroyed my 3rd wave feminist chains.

The true virus in the West has been here for decades and you can’t catch it from coughing.

Tubeman 777

In fact this should have been titled 4th Wave feminism. Yes I have learnt a lot as a red-pilled man in that amount of time. You have to know the enemy.

Believe me when I say this brothers, that this will be a battle. Whether this gets physical in the streets well that depends how far gone our Western Societies have succumb to this. The Rona has accelerated this manifestation of wickedness. I do not fear defeat, its the casualties that concern me.


These ultimately are weak people. If they were not they would not have needed to literally “soften us up” as men. They can’t face us on equal terms so its been a clandestine war fought in culture. I ventured into asking this question why we have become demoralised as men in the west in another blog post.

This is why. Brothers all I can say is keep consuming red pill content (not just my own) but others who do publish daily. To them I salute them, they are taking flak and enemy fire so we don’t all have to be fired upon.

To my brothers still in the West for the moment I say this. Hang in there for now.

Tubeman 777


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