Kapow! NightLife in Panama City

So as a man who wants my fellow men to have the best of Travel abroad I bring you a mini guide to some nightlife. I was only in Panama this time around for a few days so didnt go too “DEEP”… not this time around anyway 😉


Expect to pay much more in Panama for EVERYTHING than in Colombia.

Much more Tourist focused than Colombia

Yes the girl I am with in the photo IS Colombian 😉

You Americans will love the fact you can pay in DOLLARS

Good First Step into the Latin Culture

The Details

So you want to get right into it? Good I don’t believe you should waste your precious time either.

The best place to start is Habano’s Cafe. The Panama Marriott Hotel is OPPOSITE Thats for the big budgets though. Super easy acess and view from your room to see all the sights on display. 5 star women and Hotel

I have seen women there who could be on Victoria Secret models-


There is another traveller who has made an in-depth guide and has spent more time in Panama (and money on these beauties than me) respect to him so check him out here:


Remember guys be cool there and enjoy.

Tubeman777 signing out

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