Is The Western World Going Crazy?

In the Manosphere the west in particular is referred to as the matrix for a reason. Overly regulated and often very restrictive is the “price” we seem to pay for “stability”. Or that seemed to be the old deal. Now we seem to be living in a new “deal”. A raw deal if you will, where authorities rule by decree. That was also known throughout history as “Tyranny”.

From the outside in as a man of the West it can be hard to see what’s going on. We are living in the belly of the beast. But things are becoming to deranged and unstable that even the average clueless “blue-pilled” man is starting to raise his head up and wonder wtf is going on.

The West seems to be in the grip of a New Gynocentric World order. Females have been proped up to “rule” over everyone in the west and its turning out to be disastrous even in the short-term state of affairs.

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