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Is the West Overrun with A Culture of Totalitarianism?

Now whether this was the intention from the start of the powers that be or not doesn’t really matter. We are here. Where is here exactly? Teetering on the edge of technocratic tyranny. We can blame other countries for the influence but we should have a good hard look at ourselves and where we have come from and turned into. Lets also question, do certain people from cultures and ideologies change the nature of our freedom and democracy such that it once was? We can only assume that as fellow human beings with the same weaknesses and follies these tendencies whether conciously acknowledged or not do come out. When they have the levers of power over us I believe this is an important question to ask.

Now we have to acknowledge certain cultures have very different concepts and ways of thinking. Some are the total antithesis of our values. Arranged marriages and even “honor” killings (the later of which I find personally a wicked custom) are accepted as normal in many culutres.

Now I know theres a deficiet of pretty women in the UK. Unfortunatley this country has one of the worst cases of men SIMPING in the world. I mean really bad. Any piece of punany, p-sleeve or p*ssy galore will get attention thrown at it in an instant on these shores. I do sometimes wonder how certain people climb up the err “greasy pole of power” as it were.


Things are looking ugly for freedom in the UK with Priti in charge. Journalists are soon to be given prison sentences for investigative journalism thats within the remit of public interest. Crazy times we are living in. But can they get crazier in future? Communist Susan Michie and member of SAGE was exposed on national British TV by one of our last great Journalists Richard Madely .

We also have seen that during the “big bug” mexican beer crisis that many so called experts have been exposed as proud card carrying Communists. I think we all felt something was wrong when we were clapping for the NHS outside our homes under lock-down like citizens from Totalitarian North Korea.

Coerced Vaccine Passport Jabs

This is the thin edge of the wedge in my humble opinion as a libertarian freedom lover. If the UK goes down this path then we are in serious Authoritarian and eventually Total Totalitarian Big trouble in Little China.

Coercing jabs by using “Covid Health Passports” from firstly the youngest generation (then later everyone) who are the least likely to be susceptible to this “Mexican Beer Bug” is a devious and nasty tactic. This would be the first step in potentially eventually a dystopian Sino style Social credit system. Why would they stop here? Power corrupts and this is almost total power over the population. The UK is now not the liberty loving country I was born into and grew up in and also not a place I would want to continue living in.

GENERATION Z – They Do Not Read Books

Books help us empathise with others and use other creative areas of our brains. The mental ability of putting ourselves in others shoes is important. If we don’t then we are pooper people for it. Theres a true crisis coming in the latest generation Z, maybe you have noticed it? They don’t have the patience to read and are lacking the ability to COMPREHEND some concepts in literature. Books are now seen as being “what old people do”. Also since they spend huge amount of time on their phones (only consuming content not creating it much) their r social skils leave a lot to be desired. In my and others opinion this is a reciepe for disaster in the future. Totalitarianism is looking a dead cert for the future of the west. A most insidiuous dystopia the world has ever known is on the horizon.

Now Millenials are fairly criticised for their weaknesses I believe. The entitlement and sympathy for socialism is clearly there and in certain ways is understandable. I fell for it myself at a vulnerable early age….

But as an inbetween Generation man myself (A Xennial) I can step back and see this very clearly. One thing you can’t criticise Millennials for though is a LACK of empathy. Wanting to help others and introduce social programs to help the most vulnerable is a noble ideal. Now whether that can and how it should be achieved monetarily is another matter.

But what about if there is almost zero empathy there to begin with? Now things are going to turn very bad fast.

They are like little adults even at very young ages. The innocence is mostly gone and they have the look of film/Movie actors and actresses. They know what to say and how without any feeling it seems. Constatnly anxious and ready to laugh at the misfortune of others. They also have very little shame as we can see from the popular Tiktok social media platform (Also known as Sino spyware) please delete it if you have it! Superficial and lacking empathy? Sounds with a generation of sociopaths with numb emotions. Perfect for Totalitarianism.

Theres going to be more than a little black book listing the names of dissenters and freedom lovers that big brother will be watching. Oh also add to that all our medical info and just about everything else. What could possibly go wrong?

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