Is Thailand Chiang Mai for everyone ?

As I write this blog entry I am reminded of my first visit to Thailand over 12 years ago now……

Wow a lot has changed, the rapid development of not just the capital Bangkok but also other smaller cities around the country such as Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai 2007 A quiet city about to change….

Now Chiang Mai is a city that has the highest pollution level at times IN THE WORLD!

Amazing…. 12 years ago it was a breath of fresh air – literally in every way.

Thailand in 2007 was Cheap, novel and New…..Now we travellers and people who pay attention have heard of Chinas’ rapid growth but we haven’t heard of the almost equally rapid growth of Thailand in a few short years.

2019 isn’t looking good

Thai Workers near famous Old City Canal

In my opinion what has been the biggest negatives apart from the rapid development?

I have to mention SMARTPHONES, now I know its not an exclusive problem to Chiang Mai or Thailand its a world wide problem. Smartphones have many people the world over into hunchback zombies. Its shocking for me -because the last time I visited before 2017 was in 2007.

Another blogger has commented on how Chiang Mai has changed in the last 5 years. So check out her blog too.

It bugs me and makes the world feel almost all the same. All major cities are feeling “samey” many people dress in the western style now and smartphones have made all of this worse. The anti-social aspect of these little hand-held monsters I believe in years to come – will have cost us dearly. A worldwide generation that has less social skills? = Not good.

Also I don’t mind Westernisation, its inevitable to some degree around the world. But I do have a problem if they adopt EVERYTHING the good and the bad. Rude service and attitude? No thanks I could have stayed in the UK for that.

I have also noticed an increase in the “Travel scum” when I visited again in 2017 after a 10 year hiatus. I noticed a huge increase in trash/cancers walking aorund the tourist areas; the type of scum I only saw in Bangkok now this is in Chiang Mai when I was there in August. Then then low and behold a year later look what happens in 2018…..

Disgraceful Cancer scum from UK leave their mark 2018

Also there was very recently a disgraceful incident with “Tourists” Farangs who came up from the Sin-city of Bangkok and vandalised the city wall of Chiang Mai.

Spray-painting it. Made me feel sick. And of course they are Brits. Now you know in my videos why I emphasise I am Scottish. Don’t want to be known as a Brit abroad.

Scum from the UK. Look at them, need I say more…. Spot the “female” LOL

Again guys watch the film “The Beach” starring Leonardo Di Caprio, its old now but still holds true and the cancer has got worse in the past 20 years.

But I digress….

So my friends, is Thailand still a good choice for travellers ?

A resounding YES!

Me Outside the famous Historical Old City Wall in Chiang Mai (before it was vandalised)

YES! It is for everyone (Just avoid the Scum bag Tourists )

Please visit at least once in your life, sooner rather than later….

Because in another few decades it might – (I hope it doesn’t) just seem like another place that looks, sounds and feels like a clone city – modelled on our empty-soulless cities from the West.

Tubeman777 Out

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