Is Dating in the West Dead?

So my fellow Men, brothers and soon to be enlightened….

I hope you enjoyed my video on the trials of dating in the West at the moment in 2019. Its a tough situation for us and its getting worse before its ever going to get better, if it does at all….

The Epicentre of corruption in the dating world does seem to revolve around the UK and U.S in particular.

So as Men we need methods of action. What can we do about it? Well, as I mentioned before in my video we can take active measures like travelling abroad.

I have personally travelled to several different countries over many years. I have seen, first-hand the difference between Westernised Women and Women overseas (especially South-America and Asia)

I have used all the websites I am recommending for you, I don’t just talk the talk but have walked the walk. What do you have to lose? I f you are like me and a red-blooded man that enjoys the company of the opposite sex then its a no-brainer.

Do take precautions though. There are some scammer profiles but the site protects you from most of them. They are pretty easy to spot. Weird photos of women in expensive locations (swimming pools sipping Don Perinon?) so if that doesn’t raise any raise flags for a man then better stay off this lol.

For men who have some street smarts, travelling abroad is a breath of fresh air, respectful women who have been brought up to respect a traditonal man (cooking, cleaning and loving their man).

The Alternative? Well, like I said in the video, Western women are a ticking time-bomb. They are unstable and have been infected. All kinds of infection – mentally and sexually-transmitted.

Don’t be another sucker and get divorced in our skewed hamster-wheel culture where having balls now means you have a target on your back; its only a matter of time before some crazy SJW / Feminist pulls the trigger on you without you seeing it coming.

Its not going to get better brothers! So its time to make a change, travel and trust in the Tubeman. 😉


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