Is Colombia Still A Good Travel Destination For Men?

My first visit to this interesting land was way back in 2015. That’s now almost 8 years ago. Time flies that’s for sure as we get older. I have visited many countries since I started travelling seriously in 2014, I returned to Thailand in 2017 after 10 years away. I noticed a big change in the country since my previous visit. The people had changed , become more westernised and a noticeable middle-class was around. I had to wonder is Thailand for everyone? Now undoubtedly this is good for the local people. Increased wealth in the population helps in many ways; increase life-expectancy, more disposable income to buy consumer products. But this comes with a downside. The downside people from the west know very well. Increased unhappiness because of this material consumerist economy and society. Make no mistake Colombia did blow my mind when I first visited.

Now when I visited Colombia in 2015 I was immediately impressed. The people were a unique blend of south-American charm and also somewhat British reserve. They had manners and knew how to have a good time without over doing-it (they don’t have our binge drinking culture).

How things have changed in such a short space of time. I have visited on four ocasions my most recent in 2021. Now I know the people have suffered over the past two years with the Mexican beer bug; the people didn’t get the support from big daddy Government that we did in the West. So its had an adverse effect. They are a tough bunch, resourceful and old-school, a big part of why I like them.

I have noticed many negative changes such as the look of the people. Western influence has definitely impacted the country in the past 7 or so years. I have personally seen many more overweight people and the amount of tattoos from the younger generation is startling! Its sad to see a proud people who knew that looks in public matter taking a dose-dive in standards.

Recently abortion has been legalised in this conservative Catholic country, a major victory for the focres f darkness in this world. They are on a slippery slope of decline, just look at post-modern present day Ireland.

As for visiting Colombia as a Gringo tourist, there are still great benefits. The first stop is usually Medellin or Cartagena for the average Gringo. Although I would advise you to visit elsewhere as its quickly becoming overrun with tourists and prices and mindsets of locals are changing.

The most obvious changes I’ve seen are in Bogota. The younger generation in particular are adopting some bad exports from the West. The attitudes are also changing from the women noticeably, although nowhere near the radioactive toxicity of Western Women its a subtle change if you want to date “Junior college” age women.

One thing men should know when I visited Colombia is the consequence of the supposedly ending of the decades long (57 years and counting) Colombian Civil war against Marxist Guerrillas. On a personal level I noticed on my last visit in 2021 a lot of men and women who acted differently, odd behaviors and dress. Now I initially thought this was down to the harsh lockdowns in Colombia in 2020 but then I began to really ponder things. Colombians are tough people, very much a big part of why I like them. Its how people used to be in the UK in the past. Tough and no non-sense. But I realised the people I was meeting were people trying to rehabilitate into society after living most of their lives “in the hills” after being kidnapped as children. Many said to me they were “War refugees”. Also the shear amount of refugees from Venezuela and this has had an impact on the local people and demographics. Extreme stuff.

Overall Colombia is still a great place for traditional conservative men to visit, but just be aware that the best “un-spoilt” days may be behind it. University radicals and radicals from the jungles with combat experience may change things up in the years to come.

Enjoy it while you can guys.

Tubeman 777

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