How will the “BIG BUG” change our Future?

We are living in strange times indeed. We can all but forget International Travel for the moment. But more importantly there’s bigger things happening in the world today. Well as I said in my video I believe this is a cross-roads for us that will affect generations to come.

I doubt there has been a time in human history where the whole world has come under the heel of a crisis like this before. Theres so many conflicting views on whats going on its become dizzing. Some people saying this Pandemic will be worse that the Black Death from the middle ages, to others who think its one big hoax.

“Plague Doctor” costume. Corona has brought the Weirdos out…

In fact many have been walking around strutting “Plague Doctor” costumes. That seems to be the only real link between now and the plague from the middle-ages.

As you guys must have realised by now I usually take the middle road. I’m centrist on most things. This is no different. I think we should be cautious but at the time of writing this blog collectively there is a feeling of hope and change in the air.

Compare this to only a week or so ago where there was only a blanket of fear and dread. I think this is a sign things were not as bad as they seemed.

That then begs the question: Was this hyped a little too much?

Well, I haven’t seen people dropping down in the streets or piles of bodies on carts or hearing “bring out your dead!” yelled in the streets for one thing.

The mainstream dinosaur media has proven to be pretty untrustworthy when it comes to telling people unfiltered news. So, you can forgive my scepticism.


So how will this crisis change our future? That remains to be seen. It can go either way. For good or bad. Either we go down the road of Freedom after this or succumb to Totalitarian control. Rights are rarely given back.

I like to go with my gut a lot when things are unclear and confusing.

My gut tells me I am smelling something fishy going on.


Signing out

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