How a Man can Become SuperHuman

Many times we all feel we have become more powerful. I believer in objectivism which means experiencing reality then from that assessing the world around you. There are many paths a man can take to this “enlightenment”, some a long and arduous other are shorter. But I believe there are no ture “shortcuts”. There are opportunities to use shortcuts through the use of Drugs; specifically “Smart Drugs” which have become all the rage in the past few years.
I myself DON’T use any but can see the appeal. I believe the only true path is the “Long approach” experiencing life in all its glory. You can as a man achieve “training” in the form of therapy. This allows you to see your short-comings and speedup the process of self-improvement and understanding of the world. Everyone has their own pace and path however.
Soon I will upload more videos as I have previously mentioned I am currenly abroad in Asia and enjoying every minute of it. I am gaining more perspectives about the world and becoming a better man. You can follow a similar path too.
Tubeman out….
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