Hell Hath No Fury…..

Scornfully the Modern Western Women is sadly for everyone in moral and mental health freefall. Its a very sad state of affairs and even more scarily has not yet sunk to the bottom. Dating as I stated in my video from 2019 is not only dead it has been sacrificed at the altar to some weird wicked A.I Demon.

Men seeking a partner online in the West is in serious trouble. Of wasting his energy and potentially running into a monster that will ultimately destroy him. Blue pilled men and unaware men in general are being feasted on by the postmodern monster that is online dating. While 5% of Men are enjoying the spoiled spoils of female flesh in the West, the average man is getting not even the scraps from the hideous table.

Let me tell you the culprits to our demise. Social media and smartphones have been a devasting combination to our social fabric. Its in fact woven a new highly toxic form and ultimately lethal to men and women. I believe “Passport Bros” are the obvious sign that men are taking action because the writing is clearly on the wall for disaster in the West. Many other men I have spoken to have had the same feeling of dread and anxiety about our current times and when they have dipped into dating they are red pilled. Its a traumatic experience if your not a “High Value Man” according to the corrupted consensus in the West. We hear many thing s like “level up ” and “man up”….. These things may have been true in the past and could have even worked, but we are now in new and uncharted territory.

The Horror To Come

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