Going Monk Mode: The Best a Man can get

Its been a while since my last post but more importantly its been awhile since I last travelled. Now if you’d asked me wayyy back in 2018 if I though I would take a 2 year hiatus from travelling I would have laughed at you. Well it happened and believe it or not, I’m glad it did.

There’s a lot to be said about self-reflection and even meditation. When I was travelling that was pretty much impossible. I was always caught up in some exciting or distracting adventure. This also cost me not only my time but financial resources too.

The past 2 years has been a journey ironically for me. How come? Well let me explain……Now I always have been pretty red-pilled. But I didnt go full on Monk Mode as many in MGTOW say. What is monk mode?

I must admit I have spent the time back in the big bad Western world… wisely.

Things were stacking up for me. I hadn’t got my money fully in order so this period has been a blessing for me.

I think men should be taking this opportunity we had now; Literally once in a lifetime of this strange pause of everyday life because of the covid to take a step back, look within and rediscover our priorities in life.

I think travel to other countries has its time. The isn’t now.

Lets get our lives in order and become the better men we know we can become. I’m taking this golden opportunity… Are YOU?

Tubeman 777

Signing out.

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