Onward Flights: Create a fake email for your Flight?

onward flight fake ticket

Ok guys this topic needs to be cleared up… Man to Man. Let me say firstly I recommend you guys buy single tickets. Do not create your own fake ones!

Real single tickets save money and they they give us the most flexibility to travel wherever we want. Most of us veteran travelers have all been there at the Check-in desk. Usually an uptight middle aged woman demanding proof of travel to another country.


So we have two choices… Firstly we can go the whole complete FAKE TICKET route. (I don’t recommend it)

Second is my favourite and 100% SAFE Method. “Rent” a ticket from a company for 24 hours so when the bitch behind the Checkin desk checks – Pun intended it all checks out . But Tubeman how is this possible? Because its a real ticket and the company I recommend using below actually books us  temporarily on an onward flight. Really cool and clever, but not free. Well, what is free in this world?

hand written flight boarding
Only airlines are allowed to! LOL

Whatever you do dont hand-write your fake onward flight.


Taking of onward flights theres an actual company that can help you with all this. I have used them in the past so its Tubeman777 CERTIFIED you can trust 😉

Heres How Bestonwardtickets works.

recommend bestonwardtickets






Here is this fellow Youtuber got on with using this “Technique” 😉



Tubeman777 out


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