Escape Debt by Leaving Country

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Yes sometimes things can get so bad that there’s no alternative…… Sometimes life can get a hold of you in a choke-hold and there no other move to make.

So what options do you have left? Depending on the debt and what country you live in you can get away with just…Leaving.

There will be no one waiting to whisk you away to a cell or anything like that… that’s what a lot of people want you to think. This isn’t the movies. Its real life and you need to know how to survive.

There’s no police or Interpol waiting to ambush you (they don’t have the resources to chase you even if they cared)  so unless you have a debt owed to this guy you can pretty much chill out.

mafia debt no escape
Change of identity might be needed if you owe this guy though…


Many travelers *ahem* take advantage of this. There’s many Australians who have told me openly and honestly that they enter the UK rack up debts they know they won’t pay back and then leave…. Its part of the game, the insurance is already factored into the “system” we live in so don’t worry. Like a 17 year old owning a Lambourghini in a rough part of town….We are already paying. That reminds me the UK is stupidly expensive, so you can sort of understand why people do it – Why you are considering it. I don’t blame you….

Do some of you guys remember 2008? World financial Crisis? Banksters? They took us all to the cleaners….

The state of our society and system is so bad that I am suprised “The game” is still running to be perfectly honest. I am not betting it will last much longer though.


Leaving UK with debt


debtors prison escape country
The good old days 18th Century of in an English Debtors Prison..




Speaking as an educated UK resident I know the law of the land. Its a wonderful thing knowing about debt, its not what it used to be… no more debtors prisons or anything like that. Which I believe is wrong. In the UK for example all debts are “Reset” after 6-7 years after you default.

Its not leniency from the “System” but the powers that be have to do it because guess what? That’s how our whole society runs in the modern world.

There is not an institution on the planet that isn’t in some kind of debt. Think about that. Crazy right?






Debt ball and chain student loan
Bane of my Generation…
Student Scam loans

What is even more crazy is that the only debt you can NEVER get rid of even if you declare fucking Bankrupcy is STUDENT LOANS. FFS!


Something is very wrong with all this, it shouldn’t be like this. We know it inside us. Take the necessary steps to free yourself.


GOOD LUCK ! I am rooting for you




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