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Dating Modern Women in the West is Mad

As they say its a mad mad world and they said that in the 20th Century way before the advent of social media.

In the 19th century there was a famous lunatic mental asylum in the UK called Bedlam.

There’s a lot to be said about the 19th century and its not good but they definitely got a lot of things right. These people were living in the real world and were tough no-nonsense people. They couldn’t afford any delusions.

We can look back at these so called “backward” times and disregard what they did as barbaric but what if I tell you its us who have the problem. Many of us in the West have become so soft and de-coupled from reality that’s truly staggering. The behaviours we experience everyday from people (but mostly from women) in our daily lives would blow the minds of the average man in the 19th century.

In a way we men living in this day and age are having to deal with a level of craziness that people in the past could not cope with. We have adapted to accept many extreme behaviours as so-called normal in the 21st Century.

Where have all the inmates gone?

I find it ironic that places like lunatic asylums have become politically incorrect. Is this a mere coincidence or would we all be qualified to be admitted to living in such a places now by 19th century standards? Interesting question no?

But I digress as usual. One thing that is certain in these uncertain times is that something is deeply wrong with our modern Western societies.

Comedy from the past has become a reality for us in 2022. Don’t believe me? We have fallen brothers, further than we realise…..

Before social media made the ME! ME! ME! society even more extreme….. 60 years Ago it was comedy for previous Generations.

Getting it yet? No?

How about the early 2000s or the “noughties” Dave Chappell makes another genius prediction. Comedy to tragedy in less than 20 years…..

Young guys of Gen Z in 2022 all confused thinking this is a “How to guide”. Why are people laughing? Its a serious subject!

You could almost say its Bedlam out there in the dating market.

Take it easy guys and stay safe from dangers.


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