Date-a-Dump – Go Abroad for Decent Women

Look around brothers. Theres a problem for us men. Dating is a hellscape in West. Even the most clueless sucka know something ain’t right…..

What can you see in our broken western world? Are the women feminine and submissive? Now I know many men STILL don’t know there is even a problem. Those guys are stuck in the matrix, blue-pill men who are increasingly becoming less and less as the years go marching on. Many men are putting two and two together and seeing the cold harsh blue-light of reality.

Even iof things don’t turn out for the best, dumping is a pretty cheap and easy option. Unlike the chaos western women can cause with the full backing of the police and other arms of the simp state at their disposal. The smartphones than are glued to their hands can with the easiest swipe of the a finger make you end up sitting in jail. We live in a gynocentric Western world. Things are going to hell in a handcart and I don’t want to see my fellow men fall.

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