Review: Civilization Is the West History?

end of the west

So this is a big one to chew on. Is the West and our whole society history? Yes I believe so. Its a deep deep subject but that is something you guys can rely on me on to take on. Fearlessly. To answer the Historian who asked this big question and who I have the utmost respect for and fellow Scotsman Niall Ferguson. If anyone reading this has not watched the multi part documentary from 2011 I urge you to see it. But that is only my opinion right? Well yes and no. You see as a traveler I have seen quite a lot. I have even been to China briefly. I did not see people broken or “depresssed and deluded” as I see in my own culture and society. No resentment or hatred. Everything in the west now revolves around extreme self-centered behaviors that even a few decades ago would have been rejected outright by most people. This is how far we have become corrupted, but I digress….

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Nice knowing you Western Civilization

We are in trouble but we only have ourselves to blame for this mess. People have lost faith in our way of life and dont know what to believe. Many people have become nihilistic – not believing in anything. My opinion is you NEED to believe in something OR you will believe in anything. Its my firm belief that this is what has happened. From our morals and ethics being destroyed to the Gynocentrism (a society centered around women) that excludes men obviously and overtly. This is a big red flag on a society wide level that something is deeply wrong….This new sick society that is being erected around people here in the western world but especially UK and US. Its a sign of steep decline. I alluded to the same in my previous post on what is so wrong with our culture and the refusal of people to see “the writing on the wall” for us here Barbarian Invasion 2.0.

What can we as individuals about it? Not much so don’t stress about it. I am letting you guys know so you can prepare in your own ways. My solution is to live OUTSIDE the west as it will only get worse as the decline in standards continue….I believe that is inevitable and is going to happen 100% We will be eclipsed by people who are dedicated to progress and stopping their own degeneracy.

Also I recommend you keep reading my blog and keep up to date and informed.


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