Cheapest English speaking country to live in

cheapest countries that speak english

So I realize that sometimes we just want to move to another country with minimum problems. There will already be barriers because of the different climate and local culture. We want to forget about learning a new language. That’s fair enough. Especially if we need to move fast and want to establish ourselves and be understood relatively quickly. With this in mind I have produced a top 5 list with the Best countries to live in that speak English. I have weighed all the factors that us Westerners would value other than cheap living costs.




Things like Safety and security. There’s no point in us moving abroad to another country if we are robbed and have our apartments (flats to us in the UK) broken into frequently.

Suprisingly a lot of African countires are quite expensive even though they DO speak English. Theres many reasons for that I go into in my Youtube video when I visited Kenya.

A great tool I use for the latest up-to-date living costs is Numbeo. Ireland, Australia, France and of course UK and U.S are all quite bad (meaning expensive) for us to live in. They are quite safe though compared to other Englsih speaking countries, but I will let you guys decide for yourselves. I recommend you watch my videos to think and decide on your own.


If you are just looking for the cheapest place to live you can fin that out here.

cheapest places to live that speak english

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