BULLDOG MINDSET: Is he Misunderstood?

Like I said in my video below I always like give people the “Benefit of the doubt.” I also like to see an underdog overcome obstacles in life. So John Sonmez from Bulldog mindset fits the bill. He has certainly come far in his own personal struggle in life and actually had a similar experience to my own.

From being in a situation of depression and hopelessness (mental trap) he also overcame his obstacles and has been very successful. Now always like to give credit when I see people genuinely deserve it. So I am at odds with people who are very jealous and vindictive. That’s why I felt I needed to make the video kinda supporting John Sonmez because he is getting some unfair treatment from MGTOW especially.

Its undeserved because he not saying anything radical…. In fact he is hitting the nail squarely on the head or dropping some serious truth bombs. Pick your metaphor of choice.

Now I knew my video would be down-voted quite badly because there IS a toxic element to MGTOW. So again as I said in my video I am about bettering myself and others who I think need and deserve it.

I am not a bitter and conceited individual who has a vendetta against the oppossite sex. Quite the contrary, I dont like the situation at the moment in the West which has women absolutely miserable and borderline maniacal.

Now I don’t believe I said anything radical in my video. In fact I almost pride mysel;f on being fairly centrist. I am a reasonable guy. So, it didn’t surprise me that I got some negative comments and dislikes. Whatever, like you guys know from this website and listening to me i am a “tough cookie” so it flows over me. But what gets me is the stubborn pig ignorance of many in this community. Mark my words it will be the downfall of many in MGTOW who are either too stupid or not willing to listen to others who are trying to help them like myself and John Sonmez.

I welcome men who want to emulate him. Some obviously find his style is a bit of a “bitter pill to swallow” but if you have taken the Red Pill already then its nothing. Whatever gets you back on your feet guys. Wishing the World would burn and every woman on the planet with certainly won’t help you……



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