BOOK REVIEW: Elon Musk Biography

I have just finished reading about this amazing individual Elon Musk. I wanted to know more about this man from his other well publicized activities such as his Space Company Space X.
His origins were very interesting having come from a family which had some troubles including a tyrant of a father, something I can relate to.
He seems to have been a special gifted child and suffered for being different due to his high intellect. All very interesting and thought provoking for me. The Author Ashlee Vance was excellent in his overview and structure giving the reader an insight into Musk’s psyche. Its one of the main reasons biographies appeal to me is getting into other peoples heads for their motives and it is another reason why i love reading as a whole.
Reading in general, especially about other people gives readers more empathy and helps us remember we are all human.
Musk is an exceptoinal human being. His ambitions are literally out of this world; his main focus is attempting to colonize our neigbour planet Mars! No mean feat and he will be one of the most famous human beings in our history if he pulls it off.
All fascinating enough, big and small plans aside. I can’t recommend this enough for all ages and I believe everyone male and female will get something out of it.
9/10 SCORE
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