Back to Bogota: Is the quality of life good?

bogota quality of life

So you want to visit Bogota and enjoy everything it has to offer? You are in the right place!

For me its an actual third time return to this safe city. Yes it is safe, IF you don’t do any foolish things like for instance; walking around with expensive Jewelry or watches, getting involved with shady characters BECAUSE you are buying drugs, involved any kind of prostitutes.

I don’t know… sometimes people can’t put 2 and 2 together and wonder why disasters befall them. There’s bad guys in every city, so if you get involved with dodgy/dangerous people for illegal stuff then its on you and don’t be shocked if shit happens to you… Now that being said…

I have lived here on several occasions and as far as quality of life QoL its good. Now granted I am staying in the safest areas in the city. This area is call Centro Commercial and is guarded by Military Police. Make me feel safer… but its overkill actually. You see the reason for that level of security is because of the bank Headquarters in the area and the several 5 Star Hotels….


Now the only downside to living so close to the center is all the noise. Its noisy! AND this is a Sunday! hahaha

Not for peaceful living. But thats the usual hustle and bustle of city life anywhere. One big downside though is the amount of pollution. Its a big negative change from Europe. Trucks and cars here for some reason (ok theres a lot of older vehicles) but they dont have any smoke filter on the exhausts. So you see big black clouds which is definately retro 70s style but not so good for your lungs.

This is ofset by all the facilities here. Massages, fast food like Mc Donalds and walking distance to all the transportation you will need.


So take care or Cuidate

and I will edutainment your asses again soon.


Tubeman777 out


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