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OK guys, so on my travels I have seen much and adopted a lot of the things i have seen. I think its one of my true strengths the ability to adapt and take the best from my experiences.
So I want to share some a Travel experience to Thailand and also talk about the amazing technology of 3d Printing Technology. I am condensing both these topics because I don’t tend to post often as any of you people reading know. I can be lazy……
Ok so onward to the 3-D Printing Technology….

I stumbled upon this reading a post all about how 3d printing works on Facebook. I was vaguely aware of the technology but assumed it was a kind of party piece parlor trick item; not really a serious thing. Well I have been proved incorrect, the potential for these things is incredible!

Also know as LOS Land of Smiles is an incredible FANTASTIC country and still is the best place I have visited even though its been over 10 years now since I last visited properly. Another site I found was all about the beauty of Thailand. Its actually called thailandbeauties
I had the most amazing time in Thailand and the memories still haven’t faded (which is fortunate because I didn’t even bring my Samsung old skool flip phone. Well I did but embarrassingly I forgot the charger!
Anyway I will leave you guys with food for thought – 3d printed Buddha anyone?

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